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Utilize the potential of Internet and Technology

Our mission and objective is to help our clients utilize the undisputable potential of Internet and Technology for their business.


Eloquex is a fusion of solid professional technology, exceptional creativity and practical knowledge of the internet marketplace. We are small, but a diverse company with rarely matched range of highly specialised expert professional knowledge, skills and services.

We simply love what we do and are seriously passionate about creating the right balance between function, form and technology. Deep interest in chosen fields, dedication and creativity is the key and foundation to all we do. Our team works closely together and constantly communicates new ideas.

Background & Now

Commercial IT: IT R&D, software solutions design, information management, applications development, web development

Graphics and Marketing: Web, graphics and product design, extensive knowledge and first hand experience in marketing and internet marketing.

We develop tailor-made software and marketing solutions geared to aid business growth. We offer web design, internet marketing, information management and applications development, making sure that your solution, your marketing message and brand are consistent across the media.


To produce outstanding results, we communicate with our clients before, during and after their solution is designed and build.

We are here to provide consistent, efficient, solid products and services.
Our clients know their business and we are one of the best in class in what we do.

Please contact us if your have any questions with regards to our services, solutions or what we say on this website, or for informal and free consultation . . .