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Thin client  - browser based applications development

' Thin client ' is a term used for applications that can be accessed through a web browser.

A thin client does most of its processing on a central server with as little hardware and software as possible at the user's location. Such approach offers many advantages, including:

  • Simple rollout - open the browser, type the address and use the application
  • Platform independence - use the same application on any operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix)
  • Remote access - use the application when working from home, away on business
  • Centralized administration - reduces the cost of system maintenance and upgrades

Intranets are good examples of taking advantage of thin client technology.
Intranets are about internal communication within an organization. In a way a place used to provide up-to-date information that employees need on a day-to-day basis. Intranets can be used for

  • training
  • management and operational reporting
  • information exchange
  • self service facilities
  • or as a central point from which other web applications are accessed

... all using browser based technology.

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