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Database Development, Information Management

Your business relies on its information assets. The quicker you can access and process it, the better. But getting hold of the information you need, when you need it, isn't always easy.

  • How much time do you spend looking for data before actually using it?
  • Do you enter the same information number of times into different systems?
  • Do you get conflicting reports because the information is duplicated in number of places?

Eloquex provides full range of information management services to help you automate manual processes, reduce duplication, improve accuracy and access the information you need, when you need it.

Database Development

Creating a solid information structure is an absolute foundation of information management. Getting it right can save a lot of time and money. It has the ability to automate and streamline your current operation and create path for future expansion.

We can help you create the right information structure and develop information management, reporting and process automation applications.


Browser based, predefined, ad-hoc and drill down reporting from a single or multiple information sources.

Data Cleansing

If you need to clean up your existing data, whether in a single, or multiple information sources, we have the tools and expertise that will speed up the entire process.

Data Reconciliation

Relational databases enforce information integrity through a set of predefined rules. It is not uncommon that these rules are relaxed during implementation (usually driven by performance issues).
This means, that you can end up with well structured data, that will not provide consistent information.
We can help you manage those issues by putting in place data reconciliation processes, that will determine inconsistencies and if possible, correct them.

Data Propagation

Do you store the same information in multiple databases?
Eloquex can develop data propagation solution so that changes made in one place will be automatically propagated to the other databases - removing manual work, inconsistencies and improving data integrity.

Data Consolidation

If you need to consolidate your data we can design and implement the entire ETL process (Extract Transform Load).

We build your solution based on open standards, which means that additional functionality can be added as and when required, without being 'locked-in'.

Please contact us if your have any questions with regards to our services, solutions or what we say on this website, or for informal and free consultation . . .