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We offer fully managed web hosting and a range of maintenance and support services

To our clients, we offer fully managed web hosting and a range of maintenance & support services.
In short, we can take care of all the technicalities involved in setting up, running and maintaining the web solution.

As we control our servers we not only will optimize the hosting environment, but also provide bespoke services that would not be otherwise possible with the standard packages on the market.

Our hosting comes with optional, professional business e-mail accounts, supporting POP3, IMAP and Webmail so you can access you e-mails from any device connected to the internet. Each e-mail account will be provided with 2GB (plenty) of storage and if required, with an e-mail spam and e-mail virus protection.

Server Access

We do not provide access to our servers. The service offered is managed and all the technical work is carried out by qualified Eloquex personnel.


We always offer our clients ongoing on-site and off-site support and maintenance services. The support contract can be either on pre-arranged or ad-hock basis.

Please contact us if your have any questions with regards to our services, solutions or what we say on this website, or for informal and free consultation . . .