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Ajax: interactive web development technique
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And Xml) is a term describing a web development technique for creating highly interactive web applications.

What is AJAX Web Site

The best way to describe AJAX web site is to compare it to a classic web site development techniques. A classic web site provides start-stop-start-stop nature of interaction i.e. page is presented to user, user clicks on link and waits until next page is prepared and presented to user, user clicks on link and . . . . It is almost like talking through one-way radio.

AJAX removes this start-stop-start-stop type of interaction. It allows continued interaction with the application, so the user is never staring at a blank browser window, waiting around for the server to return next page.

In a way, if a classic web site is a one-way radio then AJAX web site is a telephone allowing both parties to interact whenever they like.

When to use AJAX

There are no technical restrictions as to what the AJAX can be used for. Programming AJAX web sites though is not for faint-hearted. Therefore our suggestion is to use this technique if
  • You want to provide services that refresh only parts of the page based on user selection (example: charts)
  • You want to add functionality to your existing web site without having to re-write the site (AJAX technique enable plug-in applications to be developed and added to what you already have)
  • You want to provide services that require high level of interaction and multi-choice and multi-path selection
  • The services you provide require connection to information sources that are distributed and/or can take some time to process (example: quoting system)
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