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CMS: content management system, website design and development

CMS (Content Management System)

An appropriate content management system (CMS) is an asset. It gives your business and your employees the freedom and the power to control your internet presence without having to ask for specialist assistance each and every time.

Our website administration console is a CMS system designed to simplify the publication and updates of websites content through secure internet access.

  • It's easy to use and provides you with instant website content control without any need for technical know how.
  • It's browser based, hence can be securely accessed through any internet enabled platform (PC, iPhone etc) without any need for additional software or hardware.
  • Our CMS is modular and flexible therefore additional functionality can be added as and when required.
  • It can provide built-in database functionality (product inventory, CRM, latest news etc.) or can be integrated with your existing databases.
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