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Web Design and development, e_Commerce, e-Business

We specialize in dynamic web solutions.

Irrespective of whether you are not sure where to start, or have very clear vision of what needs to be done, need basic e-Brochure website, or advanced e-Commerce that is integrated with your existing back office systems, we have both technical as well as creative knowledge and experience to help our clients take advantage of the internet marketplace.

Eloquex diverse e-Commerce and e-Business modular systems are designed and built to cater for your current business needs and future expansions. Any new additions and upgrades to your website are fast, compatible and preserve the integrity of your already existing functionality, data and look. That combined with best usability practice approach, technical expertise and creative design capabilities, takes care of the backend and frontend functionalities.

Our database driven, intuitive and dynamic systems will give your business ability to manage your website with speed, ease, from any internet enabled device and location, and your updates to the website will be instantly visible to and indexsible by the search engines.

We understand contemporary web marketplace. This understanding together with our advanced web design, development and ever evolving systems, will deliver solution that will do the job for your business you want it to, and solution that can be extended as and when you need it.

We provide specialist web solutions for businesses, that will match their off line operations quality and provide tools to manage their online activity, enabling business to take advantage in the significant growth in online shopping and online usage.

Getting the basics right is crucial.

Irrespective of the type of website, appropriate internet presence and tools, making easy for your potential customers to find it on the web, making easy for your customers to find information, providing up to date, quality, good information and imaging, are essential for any e-business / e-commerce website to maximise on revenue and ROI.

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